Parambrata Chatterjee has earned several accolades and widespread popularity with several cult classics in the national and Bengali front; and he continues to create and innovate. At the peak of his career he has expanded his horizons from acting and ventured into producing and directing.

Parambrata Chattopadhyay


Aritra Sen has achieved incredible heights in a short span of time. He has headed several national and bengali projects including documentaries, features and web series. His vision for unique and eccentric storytelling is the driving force behind Roadshow Films.

Aritra Sen


Supriyo Sen is among the pioneers of modern Indian documentary filmmaking. He has won innumerable national and international awards and his work is regularly screened across the world. His thought-provoking and gritty storytelling has spilled over to other mediums beyond documentaries. He is singularly dedicated to the art of inciting change and awareness through media.

Supriyo Sen


Rohan Ghose is the Creative Director of Roadshow Films. After a successful career in advertising, he moved on to filmmaking where he has proved to be equally successful. His skills have helped us bring out the best in our projects.

Rohan Ghose

Creative Director

Sumit Choudhury is the Editor of Roadshow Films. A master of post-production, Sumit’s brilliance has been a significant part of our process of achieving the finesse that our projects require.

Sumit Chowdhury


Riddhie Basak is the Creative Producer and Production Designer of Roadshow Films. He is involved in production process since the house's earliest days and is a quintessential force behind our success.

Riddhie Basak

Creative Producer/ Production Designer

Aranyak Chatterjee

Script Supervisor/ Assistant Director

Rwiddharwita Khan

Production Designer/ Architect

Sayani Goswami

Assistant Director

Sreya Dutta

Junior Assistant Director

Devleena Chakraborty


Sudipta Dutta


Koustov Sarkar

Edit Assistant

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